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Maternal Obesity

Weight Management pre-during and post pregnancy.  During my time as a Public Health Nutritionist I have heard women on many occasion having the conversation about “eating for two” and others encouraging pregnant mother to eat more whilst pregnant, however this is a common mis-conception.  Over-eating during pregnancy can lead to excessive weight gain during pregnancy and have negative health related outcomes for both mother and child.  Weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy however, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that you have a healthy weight gain during your pregnancy and which will allow you to maintain and loose the baby weight once your beautiful bundle has arrived.

Bump Life – Welcome to Bump Life – one hell of a rollercoaster, pushing your emotions from one extreme to another in your thrilling  journey to parenthood, starting with bump, baby, birth and beyond.  An exciting time to learn how to nourish your body throughout pregnancy from pre-conception.  Keeping active during pregnancy is also a fantastic way to stay strong and prepare your body for all of the changes it will go through during the 9 month period and finally when the time comes for you to give birth.  BE prepared and BE confident that you are in the best shape physically and mentally by promoting optimal nutrition, health and well-being.

“BUMPY BITS” – conscious about your butt, boobs & bumpy bits, BE proud of all your body has achieved & the beautiful baby you have birthed, LOVE the skin you are in & BE patient!!! – Getting back into shape post baby can be challenging, especially with a newborn,  but with careful preparation, a plan of action and determination, anything is possible.  Get ready to embrace and follow some simple, realistic, achievable steps, which can lead you back to the post-baby body you have fantasised about during the last 9 months of your pregnancy.

Cooking Skills

How to cook, good, wholesome nutritious foods from scratch and cheaply.

Infant Nutrition

Find about more about how to improve infant nutrition and how to make this a stress-free transition from bump, birth, baby and beyond.  Optimal nutrition is advised from the early years, and can be most beneficial from pre-conception.   Good nutrition and dietary habits from when your baby is in the womb is recommended along with keeping active throughout your pregnancy.  This reduces the risk of many health related conditions such diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and more. Nourishing your body will influence your own health outcomes as well as your babies.  Good dietary habits and eating behaviours are learned from the early years,  encourage these behaviours from the start, and promote optimal nutrition for your whole family.  Infant vitamins, breastfeeding support, CMA, allergies & intolerances, eating well to support breastfeeding, nourishing baby, weaning workshops, dealing with fussy eaters, moving onto fun family meals – implementing healthy, eating behaviours from the start – optimal nutrition


Nutritious recipes which are my family favourites, made with wholesome foods, nourishing and packed full of delicious flavours, making mealtimes STRESS-FREE

Registered Public Health Nutrition Specialist RNutr –

Be confident that all of the nutrition advice, recipes, tips and information provided by SM Nutrition & Health is done so using evidence based research and regulated under the Association of Nutrition.   I have a NO nonsense approach and pride myself on producing work to an exceptionally high standard.  Always consult with a Registered Nutrition Specialist or health professional before making radical changes to your lifestyle and leave the world of unrealistic faddy diets,  potions and  shakes, these fads are generating mass income but are having a detrimental effect on health, nutrition and the way people view what constitutes a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet.

Specialists and health professionals in this area provide  concise and reliable information that you can trust.  There are no quick fixes its a commitment, a way of living,  a lifestyle.  Its not rocket science you just need to learn the fundamentals, get back to basics, listen to what specialists have to say and eliminate the nonsense from those who are looking to generate an income rather than put your interests at heart, and use the tools and reliable advise available from the experts, Registered Nutrition Specialists –  Sarah Ellis-Martin RNutr Public Health Nutritionist – SM Nutrition & Health CIC.

1:1 Nutrition Consultations –

Lost your way?  Looking to regain control?  Looking to make life-long health changes and optimise your nutrition? Perhaps you are looking to loose weight? – Get in touch to find out more about my 1:1 nutrition consultations, whether it be for weight management, specific nutritional requirements and health related conditions, prevention of health related diseases and illnesses, optimise nutrition,  I can help you on your journey

Community Interest at Heart

SM Nutrition and Health is a Community Interest Company who prides itself in placing the community at the heart of works carried forward.  Our accreditation from The Association of Nutrition provide assurances that the specialist advice and expertise offered by SM Nutrition are evidence based, of high standards and include a first class nutrition service which offers reliable nutrition advice in Maternal Obesity, Infant Nutrition and Public Health.  Be confident that the services you invest in have your interest at heart.

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